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Enriching Lectures
for Parents

PareNet offers fascinating lectures for parents that help build powerful tools through an overall view of their children’s virtual lives. The PareNet lectures combine up to date theoretical 

knowledge of parental authority and behavior with the latest mobile applications that are in

common use by youth today.

During the lecture the

participants will build a

professional toolbox that

enables them to increase their presence and train how to become more involved in their children’s virtual world

Dynamic Lectures
for Students

Through a joint dialogue with the participants PareNet’s lectures for students offer a unique and powerful experience touching and reviewing different aspects of children’s virtual lives. Using relevant examples from daily issues of school life we

provide a portal into the virtual world of children and adolescents from a cooperative and non

judgmental perspective. 

The lecture combines video clips and movie scenes that enable 

entertaining and soft connecting points to the virtual world of the students, leading to the 

establishment of strict and clear

rules for a safe and more pleasant interaction online.

Lectures for Educational Staff Members

During the lecture staff members are exposed to a comprehensive review of the behavior patterns of children, 

teenagers and parents in virtual space. In a joint dialogue with

the participants we’ll create a school toolbox and set clear rules for network behavior and norms in school. 

The lecture will focus on

interaction in virtual parents and students social networks such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. The lecture is 

accompanied by real examples and case studies from the

school’s virtual life (students, parents and staff members).

Lectures for Grandparents

Did you ever wonder what happens when grandparents have to deal with cyber issues and hit the keyboard to take part in a WhatsApp family discussion? PareNet lectures for the elderly incorporates aspects of grandparents’ involvement in the virtual lives of children and grandchildren, with an emphasis on the unique and complex role

of being a grandparent in the age of online communication.  

During the lecture the 

participants are given an overall view of the latest social networking applications and simple explanations of their operation.

Lectures for

PareNet’s lectures for therapists are designed to expose the participants to different issues of their patients’ virtual lives and

the impact on the forming bond between the therapist, the patient and their immediate surroundings. 

The virtual lives of kids, teens and parents involve different

therapeutic professionals who

have to handle delicate cyber

issues formed between them and their patients. The therapeutic relationships are colored in the new shades of technology that in turn influence the dynamics and processes of the different fields of treatment.

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