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"Insults, social exclusion, humiliating bans from groups and abuse of your personal information. These are all par for the course for most kids as they enter the world of social media.
And their parents? Parental involvement usually amounts to handing the kids the latest gadget, after formally and non-committedly telling them something along the lines of 'be safe' or 'don't do something I wouldn't'…"


ParaNet's parent workshops are held in small study groups and are built on elements of sharing and support combined with knowledge transfer and professional tools designed to raise parental involvement in children's online lives.

By being faced with examples of group interactions, parents are exposed to various aspects of children's online conduct. Participants put together a toolbox personally tailored to the challenges encountered by the group.

ParaNet's moderators are all psychologists expert at guiding parents, working with teams and social media. The last session of each workshop is dedicated to exposure and study of the applications, networks and games that keep our kids busy on-line, and is directed by our computer teaching staff.

Each workshop has a session dedicated to individual meetings with each participant, during which a family involvement plan is designed. This allows us to get to know each family member's unique character and to personally tailor a plan for raised parental involvement and support in their children's online lives.

Workshops for Parents

"Groups that form in virtual environments challenge the terms that we have grown familiar with in the context of human behavior within groups. They suck us into social scenes that are chaotic and unsafe, and that often leave kids, parents, and educational staff exposed and vulnerable to those who would do them harm"

Workshops for Educational Staff              
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"We quickly learned that in order reach them we would have to give up the role of preaching adults and take the more neutral stance of being there to listen and to learn.
By monitoring their world we are able to design exercises allowing for safe, gradual exposure to online contact. Safe exposure that allows voices and emotions to be considerate, and mostly allows time to stop and reflect on the consequences of status comments, and to realize how much these experiences can drown and threaten our day to day feelings"


ParaNet's student workshops are built around a group process of sharing and mutual learning about the social media frequented by the participating students. Initial sessions are dedicated to establishing trust and to forming a safe connection and open dialogue between the students and the moderators. Through practical activities students share and experience different kinds of online group dynamics.

The unique tools we have developed allow our moderators to directly enter the students' virtual world, which paves the way for open discussion about online regulation and limitations in line with ParaNet's four B.PART principles.

ParaNet's moderators are all psychologists expert at guiding parents, working with teams and social media.

"The virtual rift crosses generations. Means of communications that were initially meant to connect between people and family members, have gradually become an obstacle and a barrier. At ParaNet one of our goals is to bridge and connect between children and their parents as well as their grandparents in a way that transcends digital generation gaps"


Our workshops allow participants a glimpse into the virtual world in a way that incorporates practical experience and tools for proper online conduct with a touch of humor.

The workshop is built around a dialogue with its participants which explores the complexity of the grandparents' interaction with their children and grandchildren in the digital era.

By studying example cases participants are exposed to various aspects of online living. Several sessions are dedicated to exposure to, and use of, applications and to learning about proper conduct on social media, through use of simple tools, demonstrations, and smartphone hands on practice.

The last session of each workshop is dedicated to studying and handling smartphones in small work groups to provide personal guidance and assistance for each participant.

Workshops are individually designed for the unique needs of each educational institution. After mapping and analyzing the school's systems, a work plan is presented to address the school community's virtual requirements.

Sessions with staff are built on elements of sharing and support combined with knowledge transfer and professional tools designed to raise staff member involvement in student's online lives. Some sessions are dedicated to case studies and to understanding appropriate interaction with parents and kids in class Whatsapp groups inline with ParaNet's B.PART principles.

Each workshop has a session dedicated to exposure and study of new applications, networks and games that the school community actively uses online.
During the last session, through open dialogue between the educational staff, school administration and ParaNet's expert psychologists, a "school vision for virtual conduct" is composed to reflect the character, values and needs of the school's systems.

Workshops for Students
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