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In the PareNet training sessions parents receive guidance, direction and support in establishing the involvement and parental authority in their children’s virtual lives. Using unique and powerful tools designed by our experts, we build a tailor made "digital family profile” for the use of each family. The digital family profile is based on various components and is designed to fit the personal characteristics of the specific family members and their means of communication.

The training session is designed for all members of the family even though the primary focus is on the parents.

The training sessions include elements of sharing and support along with practicing professional skills and gaining knowledge, in order to develop a true dialogue between all family members.

PareNets Training sessions are guided by qualified psychologists approved by the Ministry of Health and parental training experts working with a vast variety of innovative approaches.

Parental Consulting

Using special and powerful tools developed by PareNet

we build with the parents a family digital profile covering the use of social networks

according to the

B.PART principles

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