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You're touching on an important issue that we all face. The question of when to allow our kids the use of smartphones is a challenging one, and does not have a single correct answer. Each family has its own considerations and its own cellular conduct. We will only point out that we at ParaNet feel that the 3rd grade is too early for use of smartphones but we are aware that some kindergarteners already own them. What's most important is that you do not act out of pressure and submit to social norms, but out of your own considerations: do you think your child is mature enough and ready to own a device that would let him download videos/applications, be exposed to various content and be freely active on social media? If the answer is yes it is important that you first sit with your child and explain the device's significance, the clear boundaries you set around its use and your expectations. We also recommend that you compose a written agreement (example agreements are available for download from our site). If the answer is no it is important that you sit with him and explain why not, and when it will be appropriate. Either way it is important to consult a professional about the process of handing the device to your child, as well as setting appropriate search engines and necessary security options. Click here to schedule a consultation meeting with ParaNet.

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