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Kids are born today into a world of screens. Sometimes we as adults have a hard time accepting it but smartphones and tablets have become the reality for all of us. Even very young children enjoy their use, and even if parents deny them access they would probably still be exposed to it elsewhere, and so we don't find full prevention to be the solution. Nevertheless we at ParaNet believe it is never too early to set clear boundaries and rules around computer use. For example the habit of using a screen to calm a child down may be readily convenient but would take its toll in the future when your daughter would find it hard to come up with independent ways of calming herself down, and so we recommend not to get her used to screens as alternatives to a pacifier or a bottle. This is also a question of moderation, regulation and boundaries: you can let kids enjoy screen use at any age, as long as it's done in moderation and the content is age-appropriate. In any case this sounds like a good chance to consult a professional about the household's screen use as a whole. Click here to schedule a consultation meeting with ParaNet.

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